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Fall 2014 topic


How might we improve access to information, opportunity, and choice for the most marginalized people in the world?

More than two billion people in today’s world live in underserved and resource-constrained areas. In these low-infrastructure, limited hardware, and low-connectivity contexts, people are left out of global conversations and decisions that shape their everyday realities.

Improved connectivity – both social and infrastructural – is key to providing access to the three
pillars of global citizenship: information, opportunity, and choice. Better access to these pillars allows people to represent themselves, educate themselves, and improve their lives, as well as the lives of those around them.

The Challenge is seeking diverse and interdisciplinary approaches that connect the underconnected. This can include ideas that strengthen social spaces and dynamics (e.g. finding better ways to leverage the skills and talents of young people), strategies for improving communication infrastructure (e.g. bringing GSM access to remote locations), and beyond.

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